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Become a Better That seller
Better That is a tech-rich ecommerce platform offering the most engaging shopping experience in Australia and New Zealand. A unique product-first, curated shopping experience, that gives back to the community every step of the way.
The platform is perfect for global, local and niche brands to reach highly engaged shoppers. We provide access to 200,000+ shoppers (and growing), the ability to sell products without blanket discounting, a full concierge onboarding service and an integrated last-mile delivery, to provide shoppers what they want, when they want with ultimate ease and you a better way to sell.

Why join us?

  • Feature1
    Seamless concierge onboarding
  • Feature4
    Net sales proceeds received within 48h
  • Feature5
    No sale, no fee.
  • Feature2
    Access to 200,000+ Shoppers
  • Feature3
    Integrated pick up, Standard Shipping and express fulfilment

Don’t Miss The Boat

We’re still in launch-phase, but it won’t be long before we’re a household name.

If you want to move stock fast and be involved early-on, get in touch today.