Engage shoppers on a new level

We’ve created a mass audience sales platform, designed to help brands engage with their customers in an exciting and unique way.

Where shoppers compete against each other, over your featured items in reverse auctions.

The price continuously drops, until a shopper wins!

We work with retailers, to meet their specific needs.

With you, we deliver shoppers an experience they will remember forever.


Delivered online or via events to help you:

  • Generate brand awareness & sales revenue

  • Increase customer engagement, loyalty and experience

  • Give back. A minimum of 1% from every transaction is donated to charity

  • Attract customers online or in store

  • Promote products and services that aligns with your immediate needs

Better for you!


Minimal effort and no additional costs.


Compete on a global scale.


Extend your reach into a fast growing market.


Real time data on your products and markets.

Shift past season stock quickly.

Are you an interested retailer?

We are offering limited retailers an opportunity to partner with us, and list your products on our platform, during our launch phase.

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