Connect with shoppers, every time they shop.

  • Better That puts you to the point of sale, every time. 

  • Through unique digital solutions, to sell past and current season inventory.

  • Unify your commerce offer to customers, instantly.

Better That have developed worldwide patent (pending) technology, so you can deliver shoppers the integrated and personalised shopping experience they expect. 

In your store, another store or somewhere else online. Wherever they are, if shoppers are interested in your products, you get the chance to win their business... every time they shop.

Better for you, better for them! 


The Solution


A marketplace that takes you beyond your shop door or website. 

Customers find you and you find them. It’s win – win.

  • Extend your reach beyond all boundaries

  • Compete every time

  • Customers come to you 

  • No time or cash investment required

  • Standardised fulfilment




Minimal effort and no additional costs.


Compete on a global scale.


Extend your reach into a fast growing market.


Real time data on your products and markets.

Shift past season stock quickly.



We are offering limited retailers an opportunity to partner with us, and list your products on our platform, during our launch phase.

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