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Every transaction on Better That gives back.

Better That is making it easier for people to make a difference to Good Causes important to them.

When you shop on Better That, we ensure that Good Causes receive a portion of the proceeds. It’s simple…get great deals on products while supporting good causes!

Australians spend over *$32b shopping online each year Even a small piece of that pie, can make an enormous difference to Australian communities.

Better That will donate up to 25% of our net fees on every item sold, to a list of approved registered charities, community related and other Good Causes who have partnered with us. By selling and shopping with us, you can be rest assured it's not only you who does better.

• Australia Post (2020). Inside Australian Online Shopping, 2020 eCommerce Industry Report.


What is a good cause?

A Good Cause is any registered charity, community related or other good cause, large or small, that fundraises to support any charitable or community related purpose. We endeavour to add any Good Cause you nominate to our approved list of Good Causes, recognising that fundraising laws for many nominated Good Causes in Australia, including charities, generally require as a minimum that we enter into appropriate fundraising agreements prior to being able to donate. A Good Cause aims to make a positive impact in communities and relies partly on donations from others to do so. It’s a charity, it’s your local sporting team and it’s the local school P & C Committee. It’s a deserving cause and it’s up to you to nominate them!

How can you give back?

Every time you make a purchase through our platform, we donate up to 25% of our fees to an approved list of Good Causes. Making every purchase you make, a conscious one.

It’s simple…when you register to shop with Better That, you select the Good Cause that you would like to support when you shop. We take care of the rest.

We know that there are thousands of organisations out there, large and small, that are deserving of support, so if the Good Cause you would like to nominate is not on our list, then simply fill in their details below to nominate them. Our Good Causes team will endeavour to put in place all the appropriate regulatory approvals as quickly as possible to enable your nominated Good Cause to join our list of Good Causes so we can start giving back.

Alternatively, you can forward this link to your Good Cause to let them know about the fundraising possibilities on Better That, and they can apply to partner with Better That.