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On a mission to help everyone 'do better'.

  • Welcome to Better That.

    We are a retail technology business offering a white label turn-key shopping platform called Better That Connect. 

    Better That Connect is a plug-and-play shopping platform that equips organisations with engaged communities (we call them Channel Partners) with everything they need to run a socially conscious marketplace for their community, within a few easy steps.

    We provide a personalised marketplace that is pre-populated with retailers, brands and products ready to sell. Plus, they don’t need any ecommerce experience - we take care of all of the technology and operations.

    With Better That Connect, Channel Partners gain a new way to generate income from their community whilst providing value to their community members; their community members get a place to buy the things they want and need while supporting the local organisation they love, and enjoy additional benefits they wouldn’t receive if they shopped elsewhere.

  • Plus, Better That Connect provides retailers a way to reach a broad range of new and ready to buy shoppers without the need to invest in marketing. Likewise, Good Causes earn a donation on every transaction.