Using patent (pending)
marketplace technology, Better That delivers the best outcomes to both shoppers and retailers



  • Integrating the online and instore retail world.

  • On Demand Shopping -  no longer will shoppers have to wait for a sale, a sale will come to them.

  • Retailers can compete to win everytime shoppers shop.

  • Unique, global-scale patent pending marketplace for an online world.



  • Shopping isn’t fun or convenient.

  • Online OR in-store: today's experience is not integrated.

  • Physical retailers need to find a way to compete online and leverage their bricks & mortar.

  • Consumers want a personalised and easy shopping experience using their smartphone.


  • A marketplace where shoppers AND retailers alike save time, money and get more value.

  • Shoppers get the product they want, at the best price, delivered or picked up in-store.

  • Retailers reach ready-to-buy customers and compete to win the business in store or anywhere customers may be.

  • Simple, quick, fun & personalised.


Why Now?

  • The mobile revolution is here.

  • A major shift in consumer behaviour. Smartphone is the preferred online shopping tool.

  • Traditional retailers losing ground to pure plays and global competitors.

  • Australia and Asia entering massive online growth phase.


  • Large: Online retail is $2.3tn and 10% of total retail.

  • Ready now: at the beginning of the growth cycle.

  • Growing fast: Asia $1.4tn, growing @30% p.a.

  • Global: Better That can be utilised internationally.


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